List of Services

Our company has its own fully equipped machine shop located in the Perama free zone. Some of the services we offer are:

– Shipbuilding studies, conversions, constructions or repairs.
– Repairs of hatch covers under the supervision of our company's experienced engineers who specialize in this very field.
– Metallurgical work (design, construction or retrofitting) for factories.
– Rolling constructions, conversions or repairs of parts of a ship.
– Studies, constructions, repairs or retrofits of piping networks for factories.
– Studies, repairs or conversions of boilers. This includes partial or total replacement of the courtyards, insulation (brickwork) repairs, replacement of mouthpieces, etc.
– Metal welding by certified craftsmen.

Experienced staff

The experienced and highly qualified staff of our company can offer the customer a wide range of services in the field of ship maintenance and repair. All services as well as work on the ship can be carried out in any part of the world the customer wishes and always in accordance with the strict specifications of the Register of Shipping organization as well as the requirements of the international Shipbuilding industry.