The staff employed by the company consists of experienced and qualified executives in their field, they are installed in the new offices located in the area of Iconium Perama and which have been recently renovated with everything modern technology commands.

Along with this staff there is also the purely active part of the company which is a dynamic and experienced group of engineers and craftsmen who with the appropriate responsibility can carry out a wide range of main and side jobs in the field of repairing or building a ship and respectively Industrial premises.

The Factory where the company's human resources are active is an exclusive space located in the free repair zone of Perama and is equipped with the appropriate mechanical equipment of high quality and productivity to deal with rolling, pipe and scaffolding work.


All types of work carried out are carried out either with the use of mechanical equipment permanently installed in the factory area, or with the use of transportable machinery and portable tools in the area of the ships being repaired.

Our company has a fully equipped machine shop in which any type of construction or repair the customer wishes can be carried out.